Which Football Betting Sites Are the Safest?

The safety of your account should be your primary

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Which Football Betting Sites Are the Safest?

The safety of your account should be your primary concern when using online football betting sites, and there are several criteria you must consider to protect your financial data.

This article will look at three of the safest football betting sites operating on the internet where you can feel confident that the site is reputable, fair, robust, and secure. The criteria used to compile this list includes:

  • Bonuses and Incentives
  • Competitive Lines
  • Customer Service
  • History
  • Mobile Capability
  • Payment Options
  • Reputation
  • Security
  • Sports Coverage
  • Usability
  • Withdrawal Speeds

Taken together, the following three sites best meet the above criteria. This doesn’t mean other sites aren’t safe. Consider the sites below if you want to take some of the hassles out of choosing where to place your bets.

Licensing Associations

The first consideration you should make about a sports betting site is whether it’s licensed. Obtaining a gambling license is no small matter, and highly stringent criteria must be met before an entity is granted one.

Becoming licensed also says a lot about the people operating the gambling outfit. They’re not afraid to open themselves to oversight by government regulators, thus publicly demonstrating a higher level of trustworthiness. Regardless of where the site operates, if it subjects itself to government regulation, then they are at least worthy of consideration.

The Panama Gaming Commission (PGC)—This organization is mandated to license and regulate all sports betting operations in the country. It has developed stringent regulations that it enforces upon operators by regularly auditing them for compliance.

The Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority (CELA)—This entity is mandated with licensing and regulating all online sports betting operations based in Curacao. It employs a stringent vetting process that weeds out all but the most trustworthy sites with a gaming license.

The UK Gaming Commission (UKGC)—Perhaps one of the strictest gambling commissions in the world, the UKGC is mandated with licensing and regulating all gambling establishing, physical or online, in Great Britain. They have the authority to levy fines and strip away licenses from operators who repeatedly violate compliance rules.


This website has a sterling reputation worldwide for safety, security, and fairness. They have never failed to renew their gaming license with the Panama Gaming Associations, which means they routinely submit themselves to ongoing oversight by a government authority.

They operate a comprehensive sportsbook, racebook, online casino, and poker room. They may have every game and football match a bettor could want to play under one roof. Bet365 offers many bonuses and rewards for new and old members that are highly generous.


The betting site has reportedly been reliable and easy to use for many years. Licensed by the CELA, they provide 24/7 customer services in case you have any difficulties using their site. It’s secured with advanced SSL encryption to ensure your data is safe.

You can easily bet on NBA, NFL, or MLB games and numerous other sporting leagues. They offer a great range of varying incentives for new and existing players alike.


XBet has been slaying world-class gaming services since 2014. The CELA also licenses them, and their gaming site has maintained advanced security protocols since its inception.

You can bet on all major sports leagues, horses, and PGA tours. They also offer online casino games and live dealer tables. They offer bonuses and incentives for all players to make it more enjoyable.


Your safest bet for wagering on fair and honest gambling sites is to stick with those licensed by a recognized government entity. That way, you have recourse if you ever have a dispute with the site.

But in reality, regulated sites avoid disputes whenever possible because they want to protect their license and keep their customers happy, so they keep returning to gamble as often as possible.