How Do Football Predictions Work and Why Are They Important to Know?

Sports betting drives you through an emotional rol

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Sports betting drives you through an emotional rollercoaster, and while many people think winning is just a matter of luck, it goes beyond that. If you are good at making football predictions, for example, you will get more profits than someone who just randomly bets on the team they like the most.

However, you need to truly understand how football predictions work to know how to improve yours. Doing it is important to make sure you don’t lose all your money on unwise bets. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about betting on football, and what you learn here can help you when you bet on other sports, too.

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How Does Football Predictions Work?

Unlike what many people think, football predictions are not merely made over the bettor’s gut or intuition. While those things can help, the best way to predict match results is to analyze several factors, such as weather conditions, team injuries, match records, and statistics. Based on those things, you can try to make an accurate prediction of what may happen.

Sometimes, people just assume the results of a match because one team is way better than the other and get surprised when things don’t turn out how they thought they would. On the other hand, people who analyzed all the factors affecting the game knew exactly what was going to happen.

Needless to say, predictions are always just that, a prediction, so it’s impossible to be 100% accurate. However, you can always reduce the range of mistakes you make if you consider anything that could directly or indirectly determine the result of the match.

About Statistical Football Predictions

Some people make predictions based on game statistics, and since they use a different way of analyzing each match, people name it differently. When people use the statistical football prediction method, they mostly take ranking as a determinant factor for the game, and they set that ranking based on the team’s past game results.

After people have all the rankings of the teams they will bet on, they compare them and decide based on the results. Analysts often use football ranking systems such as the World Football Elo Ratings.

What Factors Should I Consider When Making Football Predictions?

Casino games, such as Lightning Dice allow the player to use different strategies to win, and the same happens with sports betting. The best way to make your football predictions the most accurate they can be is to take into account all the external and internal factors related to the match.

These are the most important factors you should consider when betting on football:

Team and Player Statistics

When we talk about team and player statistics, we don’t mean the statistical football prediction thing we showed you before but the actual results each team and player has gotten individually. Here, you can study the goals all players scored, the goals conceded, the shots on target, how many matches the team has won in the season, and more.

If you study the numbers the team has gotten in the conditions they are going to play under the next match, it’s easier to know which players will underperform. It’s essential to analyze the players individually and the team as a whole.

Injuries and Suspensions

Football teams don’t always play at their prime, and even if they are in a good moment, they won’t perform as usual if their aces are not playing the match. You should always watch out for injuries and suspensions to know if the team truly has a chance of winning.

Even if a player suspended is not skilled enough to make a difference, the compatibility its replacement has with the other teammates can completely change how the match goes. Remember that not all players play well together, regardless of how good they are at the sport.

Head-to-Head Records

Head-to-head records are one of the first things you should check when studying a team’s performance. Naturally, a team that always wins against another will be a safer bet. However, you need to know why the team has won all those times before putting your money on anyone.

Let’s say Team A and Team B have played against each other five times, and Team A has won all five of them. You may think that betting on Team A is the safest choice, but what if all those wins come from a specific player who is not playing on the day of the match? You would have high chances of losing your money.

Weather Conditions

If you are betting on an outdoor match, weather conditions are essential to make an accurate decision. Rain or snow can critically affect the performance of certain players and the playstyle the team will try for the match.

The problem with this is that you would also need to do what you can to predict weather conditions on that day, but you will be alright as long as you stay tuned to a reliable weather person. Most people make predictions based on standard climate conditions.

Other Important Things to Know When Betting on Football

There are other things you should know before betting on football or other sports. The first one is that, as we said before, predictions are not always 100% accurate, so don’t stress out too much about things you can’t control.

Home advantage is almost always a real factor to consider for each match, and studies have shown that most teams perform better when they play at home. While things are not always like that, you should check if the team you want to bet on has had better results playing in its hometown. The context of the match is also important.


Football betting can be a profitable hobby, but you must do it correctly or you will lose all your money just by making misinformed predictions. Keep in mind all the factors we mentioned on this page, and you will improve your betting skills sooner than later. You can bet on any sport you want on the Bet999 website or read the other blog posts there.