Does Both Teams to Score Include Extra-Time?

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) is one of the most popu

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Does Both Teams to Score Include Extra-Time?

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) is one of the most popular betting markets for football matches. The appeal is easy to understand – simply predict both teams will get on the scoresheet in a football match. But the important question is, does BTTS bet include extra time and penalties, or does it apply only to the standard 90 minutes of play? Read the article to find the answer.

Basics of Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting

BTTS, or "both teams to score," has become popular in football betting. You simply pick "yes" if you think both teams will score or "no" if you believe at least one won't score. According to the data, this market is now one of the most bet on. You can find BTTS bets for almost every competitive game in different leagues. Their simple nature and tempting odds have made them hugely popular worldwide.

Extra-Time and BTTS Bets

As per the standard football betting guide, BTTS bets apply only to average time unless explicitly stated otherwise. This means additional extrtime, injury time, and penalty shootouts do not count for settlement purposes. Your bet is settled solely based on the score at the end of the allotted 90 minutes and any added stoppage time. For example, if the score is 1-1 at the full-time whistle and it goes to penalties where both score, your BTTS bet will have already won based on the earlier 1-1 scoreline.

Variations of BTTS Bets

While the mainstream BTTS bet remains predicting whether both teams simply score or not, several variations exist which provide more specificity:

BTTS Yes or No

This is the most basic form where you choose whether you think both teams will score (yes) during normal time or not (no).

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

Here you must predict whether both teams will manage to find the net in both halves of the standard 90-minute match, and not just during one half. This makes it riskier but boosts the odds for both teams.

BTTS + Win

A BTTS + Win bet combines your BTTS choice with the final match result. So you pick a team to win the game and predict that both sides will also score during normal time.

Both Teams to Score Over/Under

In this version, you wager on the number of goals scored rather than just yes or no. The line is usually set at 2.5 goals, so you bet the total goals scored by both teams will be over or under that mark.

Betting Markets Affected By Extra-Time

While this time does not impact standard BTTS bets, there are several other prominent football betting markets that do take it into account for settlement:

  • Correct Score: Additional time can ruin or save your bet if you bet on a specific full-time scoreline (e.g. 2-1).
  • First/Last Goalscorer: As different time goals count, these bets remain open through spare time.
  • Total Goals Over/Under: The over/under goals line will consider additional time.

So while BTTS remains limited to ninety minutes, punters must remember the more extended period influences the outcomes of other popular football bets.


Does a BTTS bet include extra time and penalties?

No, a standard BTTS wager applies only to ninety minutes plus any added stoppage time. Extra time and penalties do not count unless specifically mentioned.

What other football bets are affected by extra time?

Markets like correct score, over/under goals, first/last goalscorer etc, will take some time and shootouts into account for settling bets. But standard BTTS bets rely solely on normal time.