Could There Be a Surprise Winner at Euro 2024?

The hype is real as football fans look forward to

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Could There Be a Surprise Winner at Euro 2024?

The hype is real as football fans look forward to the start of Euro 2024 in Germany this June. Of course, one could always bet on the more seasoned football powerhouses like France, Germany, or Spain; yet, the charm of football is in its unpredictability.

Could we see a surprise winner at Euro 2024? Let’s dive into the possibilities and explore the chances of some underdogs that just might clinch the title.

Surprises in football

Surprise results are not new to football. Denmark's victory in 1992 and Greece’s triumph in 2004 are perfect examples of how underdogs can defy expectations in the Euro.

These tournaments remind us that while form and talent are crucial, so are determination, strategy, and a bit of luck. The unpredictable nature of the game ensures that any team can beat anyone on its day. And looking at the rosters of some of the minnows this season, we might be in for an inspiring surprise this season.

Here are some of the teams that are looking exceptionally good this year and might give some of the big names a run for their money:


The Turkish national team has improved dramatically in recent years and has several young talents as well as experienced players. Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Merih Demiral are talented and experienced players, and Stefan Kuntz’s tactical knowledge is well demonstrated.

It is certainly not out of place to regard them as potential giant killers in the tournament since they demonstrated a lot of energy in the qualifiers. On their day, this young team is more than capable of going head-to-head with giants like England and Germany.


Switzerland has always been a strong team and has not disappointed in any international event in recent years. In Euro 2020, they progressed to the quarterfinals and even beat France in an exciting match. Given their consistent performance, Switzerland could be a smart choice for your Euro 2024 bets.

Switzerland has the midfield prowess of Granit Xhaka and the safety of a secured goalpost with Yann Sommer. If they play to their strengths and execute their game plan, they can be the team to watch out for in Euro 2024.


Ukraine saw its best performance in Euro 2020, making it to the quarterfinals. Coached by football icon Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine is a well-rounded team that can perform miracles on the soccer field. Although they lack a blistering attack, their combination of solid defence and strategic prowess makes them an exciting team to follow.


The Austrian team combines young talent with experience, making it a perfect combination for a high-stakes tournament like Euro 2024. The Austrians are gifted with a versatile and experienced captain like David Alaba, while they have a potent striker in Marko Arnautović.

In their last meeting in November 2023, Austria defeated Germany with a thrilling 2-0 victory, showcasing their growing prowess on the international stage.

Football matches are as much about momentum as they are about skill. Teams that start strong and build confidence can often ride that wave to success. A few good early performances can galvanise a squad, creating a sense of invincibility. This psychological edge can be crucial in knockout stages, where the pressure is immense, and every match is a do-or-die affair.

To conclude

While the game's giants, like England, France, and Spain, remain favourites to win Euro 2024, the possibility of a surprise winner is very real. The underdog teams have nothing to lose and a point to prove.

Irrespective of which team clinches the title, one thing is quite clear: we fans have a great few weeks to look forward to!